Our Alumni

Every alumnus is an ambassador for Star Educare/Dean International. The school is proud of alumni accomplishments; it is proud to be associated with them in their achievements. Star Educare/ Dean International alumni have always been—and will always be—crucial to the success and strength of our school. Across the globe, our more than 7000 alumni provide leadership and services in their profession. We are proud to have a large number of alumni coming from every corner of India.

Capt. Abhijat Manohar - Jet Airways
Capt. Abhishek Yadav - IndiGo
Capt. Akash Yadav - IndiGo
Capt. Anirudh Bhardwaj - IndiGo
Capt. Harshil Patil - Go Air
Capt. Jeet Walanjkar - Go Air
Capt. Kamaljeet Singh(ME)- IndiGo
Capt. Manav Gill - Jet AirWays
Capt. Manish Sharma - IndiGo
Capt. Mohit Bhartia - Jet Airways
Capt. Niharika Prashant - IndiGo
Capt. Nitin Rihal - IndiGo
Capt. Parikshit Mukherjee - Jet Airways
Capt. Pranay Mehta - Spicejet
Capt. Puneet Sharma - Jet Airways
Capt. Sanmeet Saluja - IndiGo
Capt. Sarbuland Singh - IndiGo
Capt. Sneh Deep - Spice Jet
Capt. Varun Chopra - Jet Airways
Capt. Urvashi Nirmal - IndiGo
Samarth Sharma- IndiGo
Sahil Oberoi- Indian Armed Forces
Capt.Rahul Roy(ME) - IndiGo
Capt.Prianca Soni- IndiGo
Preya Sharma- IndiGo
Nitin Sharma- IndiGo
Nitin Kumar Rihal- IndiGo
Nick Mehta- Air India (ME Rating)
Nagender Singh- IndiGo
Manveen Kaur- IndiGo
Capt.Mannat Randhawa- IndiGo
Capt.Manjeet Singh-IndiGo
Karan Raj Sharma- IndiGo
Capt.Kanishk Sharma- Air Asia
Capt.Kabir Sekhon- IndiGo
Jasmeet Sabharwal- IndiGo
Capt.Jashn Singh Bedi- American Eagle
Hiren Hirani- Coorparate
Hanumant Bhan- Flight Instructor
Capt.Divyanshu Chaturvedi- Spicejet
Dhruv Singh Fogat- IndiGo
Capt.Devanshu Bakshi- Spicejet
Capt.Asav Talwar- IndiGo
Capt.Arvind Kumar- Air India
Ankur Singh- IndiGo
Amit Somawanshi- Indian Armed Forces
Aditya Singh- Air India
Capt.Abhishek Patial- GoAir
Tushar Agarwal- IndiGo
Capt.Sneha Dsa- IndiGo
Sirat Kanwar- SpiceJet
Capt.Shivani Chatterjee- IndiGo
Capt.Shikha Sharma- IndiGo
Gurleen SIngh- IndiGo
Capt.Samrat Khanna - Air Costa
Adarsh Kumar - Air India
Aditya Singh Tholia - Air India
Capt.Avik Agarwal - IndiGo
Devesh Kadam - Air India
Ganesh Babu - Air India
Mohit Pathak - Air India
Pawanjot Singh - Air India
Sagar Agarwal - Air India
Satinder Meena - Air India
Capt.Swati Rathour - IndiGo
Saril Jurani - City Link Airlines
Akshey Choudhary - Corporate
Capt.Prateek Sharma - Air India
Shankar Anumalsetty - Corporate
Shatrughan Narula - Corporate
Capt.Akshit Toor - Vistara
Capt.Darshan Singh Goraya - GoAir
Swati Singh - GoAir
Capt.Vishwas Goswami - IndiGo
Capt.Amit Kadian - Indian Coast Guard
Geet Parikh - Indian Coast Guard
Rahul Garg - Indian Coast Guard
Subash Suresh - Indian Coast Guard
Yatin Vohra - Indian Coast Guard
Capt.Abhishek Jain - IndiGo
Aman Gupta - IndiGo
Capt.Aman Saxena - IndiGo
Amit Sherawat - IndiGo
Angad Singh Gurm - IndiGo
Capt.Ankur Singh - Emirates
Capt.Arsalan Shah - IndiGo
Chetan Chaudhary - IndiGo
Deepak Hooda - IndiGo
Dhruv Malhotra - IndiGo
Fahd Saleem - IndiGo
Capt.Feroze Kapoor - IndiGo
Gaurav Gupta - IndiGo
Hassan Khan - IndiGo
Himanshu Pathak - IndiGo
Jatin Chandra - IndiGo
Karan Bains - IndiGo
Kunal Ingle - IndiGo
Laxman Malhotra - IndiGo
Namrata - IndiGo
Parth Choudhary - IndiGo
Pooja Sondhi - IndiGo
Capt.Pratik Goel - Air Arabia
Sambhav Sharma - IndiGo
Saumya Ahuja - IndiGo
Saurabh Sharma - IndiGo
Capt.Shiv Kapoor - Air Arabia
Shiv Kapur - IndiGo
Sumeet Sheopuri - IndiGo
Swati Sharma - IndiGo
Capt.Tapesh Daveshar - IndiGo
Uday Singh Khosa - IndiGo
Varun Kumar - IndiGo
Capt.Vikram Rana - IndiGo
Vishal Gupta - IndiGo
Amjad Yarkar - Jet Airways
Ankush Boravke - Jet Airways
Anuj Yadav IndiGo
Avinish Gupta - Jet Airways
Capt.Chetan Sikka - Jet Airways
Dazzle Sharma - Jet Airways
Deeksha Malik - Jet Airways
Capt.Dharmendar Sahu - IndiGo
Divij Arora - Jet Airways
Capt.Ekant Kalia(ME) - Jet Airways
Gaurav Sharma - Jet Airways
Girish Biyani - Jet Airways
Ira Pestonji - Jet Airways
Karun Gujral - Jet Airways
Mohit Narula - Jet Airways
Capt.Pratyush Pundhir - Jet Airways
Ritesh Jain - Jet Airways
Capt.Sanjay Singh Dudi - Jet Airways
Saurabh Kumar - Jet Airways
Snigdha Pandula - Jet Airways
Tulsi Leekha - Jet Airways
Vivek Choudhary - Jet Airways
Nikhil Suri - Jet Airways
Capt.Amamda Pinto - Jet Airways
Capt.Arjun Singh - Jet Airways
Capt.Sandeep Patil - Jet Airways
Aman Sharma - Lion Air
Nafi Berry - Lion Air
Tarun Chitransh - Lion Air
Capt.Vell Naveen - Oman Air
Capt.Azhar Khan - IndiGo
Capt.Abhishek Chauhan - IndiGo
Ankieta Sekhon - Spice Jet
Ankit Kumar - Spice Jet
Capt.Ankur Daman Sharma(ME) - Spice Jet
Capt.Kanika Mehra - Vistara
Kanishk Sharma - Spice Jet
Karan Midha - Spice Jet
Capt.Kartik Midha - Spice Jet
Mohit Bhardwaj - Spice Jet
Rajiv Singh - Spice Jet
Capt.Rohan Datta - Jet Airways
Shmami Jaiswal - Spice Jet
Capt.Shruti Prabhu - Jet Airways
Vinaydeep Bhilatiya - Spice Jet
Vivek Joon - Spice Jet
Sunny Sundeep - United Express
Alok Bhati - US Airways
Capt.Rohit Veer Singh - VSR Ventures


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