Program Pricing and Length

Pricing includes all flight exams, written exams, books, and other study materials. Uniforms may be purchased in India, and must consist of five (5) blue pants and five (5) white pilot shirts. Our academy offers low, competitive pricing on single-engine and multi-engine airplane programs running from Private to Multi Commercial ratings. (Even with other costs included, our training is generally more affordable than training at another school.) Our Professional Indian Airline Program can generally be completed within eight (8) months for dedicated candidates. However, some exceptional candidates have been able to complete the program in as little as four (4) months. Pricing for the program is based on the average student, and may be higher if additional flight or ground instruction is necessary. Again, this depends on the student's ability and dedication. We only use DGCA-approved aircraft for the Professional Indian Airline Program. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and approved by the FAA for 141 Professional Programs.

CPL Single & Multi Engine Total Hours PIC Hours
1 Set VFR-IFR Charts & Approach Plates
1 Airport Facility Directory
Oral Exam Guides (PPL/Inst./Comm.)
Jeppessen Private Kit
Jeppessen Instrument/Commercial Kit
Cessna 152 POH
Multi Engine POH (Loaned on premises only)
First Class Medical
TSA Processing/Shipping
Private, Instrument & Commercial Written
4 Practical Exams
100 Hours Ground School
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (private)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (instrument)
15 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (commercial)
5 Hours of pre & post Flight Briefing (Multi)
50 Hours C-152 (Dual)
10 Hours C-152 (Solo) 10.0
132 Hours C-152 (Crew Time) 65.0
20 Hours C-152 (Dual IFR)
20 Hours Simulator Time
12 Hours Dual Commercial Training 12.0
5 Hours Piper Arrow (Includes Checkride)
15 Hours Dual Multi Training
8 Hours Solo Cross Country 8.0
5 Hours Solo Night Flight 5.0
2 Hours Day Dual
2 Hours Night Dual
8 Hours Single-Engine Checkride 8.0
Administrative and Registration Fees
I-20 Processing Fee/Shipping
Total PIC Hours as per DGCA 108.0
Total Flight Hours 267.0
Total Simulator Hours 23.0
Total Hours 287.0

Total with Cessna 152 $35,367* USD Total with Cessna 172 $38,155* USD

* This is not a guaranteed price. These prices are based on an average student. Students requiring additional flight or ground time will be charged according to the pre-established rates. ** Current prices are based on a $5.95 per gallon fuel charge. Any increase in fuel beyond this price will result in a fuel surcharge.

Admission Instructions

To learn more about our admission process, or to apply for a visa, please visit our visa application page.


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