Why security is such a major concern in Aviation Industry?

Aviation industry, despite the glamor and lure of money, has been subjected to different types of risks. From terror attack to political power plays, time and again, this industry has found itself soaring high in the horizon of perils. Even a decade ago the mode travelling which people considered to be the most secured, has been jeopardized by the incident of MH17 shooting. So, it is of little wonder that if there’s any industry which should make a really big deal about security,then it is aviation.

Students from the aviation academy get special training due to the risk exposure which this industry continuously finds itself in. It is not only about risk during the course of flying. Security is the key concern in the airport area as well.

So, what are the risks factors in aviation industry?

● Technical progress
● Automation
● High target

Risk 1 – Technical Progress

With time the pressure of solidifying the security measure is increasing. The reason of this increasing concern is the ever upgrading technology. Every day some new technical invention is emerging. With the improvement of technology hackers are getting stronger by the days. The combined effect of this progress is the need to tighten security around the airport area and also in the technical system of the flights.

Risk 2 – Automation

This is proving to be a major risk in the aviation industry. The enigma of automation has already claimed some lives. Driving in autopilot mode can be a risk. Manually driven multi engine rating are losing value with time. But, the automation has yet to establish its real credential in maintaining safety.

Risk 3 – High Target

Well, it is needless to remind that aviation is the high target industry. Be it state politics or geopolitics, aviation is the first industry to get affected as a result of any conflict. The civilian flights are especially get affected by such conflicts.

This is why, security has become the first concern of the managing body of this industry. From tightening cyber security to protecting the industry from the political clutches has become the focus of the high authority.

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