Is general aviation industry finally on an upswing

According to the aviation company owners, there has been a steady decline in aviation industry in the past few decades. Now, the question what is the cause of this decline? Is the security concern making people turn away from aviation or the geopolitical conflict is the reason of the sudden slide in the nature of this business.

Bad News

Recently a famous aviationacademy has arranged a survey. The report points to the sudden decline in the number of pilots might be the reason of the tremor this industry is facing today. Now, the question arises why people are not opting for this career? What causing people to turn away from becoming a pilot?

The answer here lies in the income. Many attribute the lack of able pilot to the minimalist income which a pilot makes a year. This might be one of the reasons for people to turn away from the career of becoming a pilot.

Safety is another reason why people are staying away from the career. There have been reports of many fatal accidents in the past. Due to the political reasons commercial flights are being targeted by the shooters as well. This is another reason why people are shrinking away from this industry.

However, there are safety measures which people are taking to set the situation right. The aviation industry is focusing on the safety of the flights and trying to improve the situation. The number of accidents would hopefully decrease with the safety measures.

The problem with aviation industry is the technical upgrading. With latest technology emerging out every day, hackers are getting smarter. This is the reason, protecting data has become an important task for the aviation industry.

Good News

While this might seem gloomy to some of you, there are some good news as well. In the past decade the aviation industry has gone through a lot of growth. It is not yet time to declare the decline yet. The aviation companies are growing with time. Companies like Business Jets and Turboprops have increased the number of flights. This is a good sign for those who want to join aviation.

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