How the Course of Star Educare Changed My Life

How to Become a Successful Pilot

I always dreamt of becoming a commercial pilot. Before entering into the aviation industry, I thought that flying an airplane is not a difficult task if one knows the basic knowledge of it. But after joining Star Educare, I understood that it needs a lot of planning and dedication to become a successful pilot.
Today when I have seen myself working with one of the leading Airlines, I feel proud on my decision to join Star Educare for my career path in aviation industry. The courses offered by the academy are quite vast and of international standard. From the basic to in-depth knowledge, its courses cover all the aspects of aviation industry. The academy offers courses like Indian Professional Pilot Program, Indian Recency Program and Multi Engine Rating.

With my personal experience, I can firmly say that Star Educare is one of the best aviation institutes for Commercial Pilot Training Delhi. The course of Indian Professional Pilot Program helped me to understand the art of flying on both single engine and multi-engine. The minimum course duration is 200 hours of flight training and to ear the three stripes, aspirants have to achieve the Instrument Rating and the Multi Engine Rating for a part of the course.

The academy has a brilliant infrastructure, excellent faculty, state-of- the-art technology and best-in class placement assistance. During my training, the trainers and instructors helped a lot in making me to understand a practical and operational knowledge through new & innovative technology. They were always there for me to answer all my queries. Even they helped me to prepare for my interviews. The right guidance and training helped me to excel my dream career. So if you also want to fly in the sky by becoming a successful commercial pilot then enroll yourself with Star Educare and give a bright path to your career in aviation industry!

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